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Master Die

Master Compound Die Specifications

The master die is a precision two post steel or aluminum die shoe set with a knockout system, adjustable guides, and is key aligned for irregular shapes.

The master die is complete and will accept a variety of inserts up to the die capacity.

By using the K&K Compound Die Tooling system you eliminate excessive die design, assembly and tryout. The K&K system gives your company the advantage of lower cost tooling, ease of maintenance, quick changeover, and less storage without sacrificing accuracy and long tool life.


1 Punch
2 Die Button
3 Compound
4 Knock-Out
5 Stripper
6L Lower Die Shoe
6U Upper Die Shoe
7 Knock-Out Bar
8 Knock-Out Spider
9 Knock-Out Pins
10 Punch Backing Plate
11 Punch Retainer
12 Lockscrew (Punch)
13 Die Retainer
14 Lockscrews (Die & Compound)
15 Lockscrews (Stripper)
16 Compound Retainer
17 Stripper Block
18 Compound Backing Plate
19 Stock Guides



Available Options: Modifications To
Our Standard:
w Safety Micro Switchw Scrap Choppers

w Air Blowoff Assemblies

w Shank Size Changew Die Shoe Construction

w Shut Height Differences