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About K&K Tool & Die & Interchangeable Compound Tooling and Dies

K&K Tool and Die has been in business since 1969. Originated as a support division to its former parent company K&K Stamping. K&K Tool and Die has expanded its Master Compound Die business to companies across the United States, Canada and Europe. The Master Compound Die is a precision steel or aluminum die shoe set with a knockout system, adjustable guides, and is key aligned for irregular shapes. The die is complete and will accept a variety of inserts up to the die capacity. K&K Tool and Die has been supplying Insert Compound Tooling to satisfy a wide range of customer needs. These needs can range from blanking 0.001″ thick brazing alloys & shim stock, to gasket type materials, to .125 carbon steels. Today, with Fusion 360, CAD 2002, and machining capabilities, K&K Tool and Die has the expertise required to design and build intricate Class A compound dies with interchangeable insert tooling or interchangeable compound tooling and dies.

K&K also provides the service of rebuilding “Hovis” High Speed Presses. We have provided extensive knowledge and experience with rebuilds of these types of presses for many years. We will also be interested in purchasing high speed presses you may have whether they are in running condition or not.

Die Alignment Gage: K&K Tool & Die Inc. has concentricity/alignment gages at our facility that can check to see if a Master Die Shoe’s alignment is out within tenths. If you feel that any of your die shoes may be out of alignment, send them to us. We will probe the shoe with our gage and bring the shoe into alignment for you. This service provides you with longer die life and longer life of your interchangeable insert tooling.

On January 1, 2003, K&K Tool & Die spun off from K&K Stamping to operate as a stand-alone entity becoming K&K Tool & Die, Inc. KKTDI brings (3) three office personnel all with almost 30 years experience in each of their fields, (1) one certified die maker with over 30 years experience with K&K and (3) highly skilled machinists with over 60 years combined experience in the fabrication of K&K’s Interchangeable Insert and Master Die technology.

The master die is a precision two post steel or aluminum die shoe set with a knockout system, adjustable guides, and is key aligned for irregular shapes.

If you have a part that is irregular shaped simply send us the drawing and we will send you a quote for the tooling. We also have the capability of running sample parts and production parts.

K&K Tool & Die offers compound die systems with cost effective and flexible tooling that will enable you to deliver quality washers on time.

With over four decades of tool and die design and manufacturing services, K&K Tool & Die Inc. is a proven leader in the tool and die industry. Ordering is easy so contact us today.