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By using the K&K compound die system you eliminate excessive die design, assembly and tryout.

The K&K system gives your company the advantage of lower cost tooling, ease of maintenance, quick changeover, and less storage without sacrificing accuracy and long tool life.

The master die is a precision two post steel or aluminum die shoe set with a knockout system, adjustable guides, and is key aligned for irregular shapes. The die is complete and will accept a variety of inserts up to the die capacity.

To produce a stamping of a different configuration, all that is required is a set of five detail inserts which are easily assembled into the master die.

Our tools are interchangeable with "Hovis" Master Die Sets.

All cutting members are made of high grade tool steel. Alternate tool steels are available upon request.

So what does all this mean to your company? K&K Tool & Die Inc. believes that our compound die system will keep your company on the cutting edge in today's manufacturing market with cost effective and flexible tooling that will enable you to deliver quality products on time.

Our commitment to quality and on time delivery is second to none. With over four decades of tool and die design and manufacturing services, K&K Tool & Die Inc. is a proven leader in the tool and die industry.

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